coronavirus deaths in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Covid-19 death toll jumps to 1,010

With 16 people died of the Covid-19 over past 24 hours, the total death toll caused by the coronavirus pandemic has reached 1,010 in Afghanistan, according to latest updates by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

Of 378 suspected cases tested in the country’s Covid-19 laboratories, 85 people have newly tested positive for the coronavirus, with which the total positive cases of the virus infection reached to 34,451 in Afghanistan. The capital Kabul (13,929) followed by Herat (5,194), Balkh (1,764), Nangarhar (1,367), Kandahar (1,330), and Paktia (1,139) provinces have so far been hit the most in the country.

The health ministry detailed that 81 patients of the Covid-19 have recovered over past 24 hours and the total recovery toll has jumped to 21,216.

Officials figures published by the MoPH are, however, largely unreliable for the Covid-19 hospitals are understaffed and underequipped, and the health ministry is unable to trace and track the virus as required for containing the pandemic disease.

A survey conducted by Kabul Now suggests that deaths caused by the Covid-19 is much higher than the official’ toll announced by the MoPH in Kabul.