Abdullah Abdullah, on the left, Ashraf Ghani, on the right, offering prayer after signing political agreement

Ghani and Abdullah sign agreement to end election crisis

President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, today, Sunday, May 17, signed an agreement to end election crisis which emerged as a result of disputed 2019 presidential elections.

The details of the agreement will soon be made public, a source says.

The two leaders signed the agreement two days after a draft agreement was leaked to local media outlets which suggested that the two sides have agreed on creation of the High Council of Government, the High Council of National Reconciliation, and dividing the cabinet seats fifty-fifty.

According to the leaked draft agreement, Abdullah will lead the Head of the High Council of National Reconciliation and take leadership of government-led Afghan peace process.

General Abdul Rashid Dostum, who is a strong ally of Abdullah, will be awarded an honorary title of marshal, the highest military rank, according to the draft agreement. Electoral reforms, amendment of the Constitution and the law on political parties are also part of the agreement.

Afghanistan held its fourth presidential election on September 28, 2019.

After months-long delay in announcement of the final results, the country’s Independent Election Commission declared Ghani as winner of the elections on December 22, 2019. His main contender, Abdullah contested the final results. The two rivals held parallel inauguration ceremonies in Kabul on March 09, 2020, and took oaths of presidency.