Afghanistan confirms 6,053 Covid-19 cases

The Afghan health authorities have said that confirmed Covid-19 cases reached 6,053 people across all 34 provinces. 153 people, who were infected, have died and 745 Covid-19 patients have recovered, according to official record.

The pandemic coronavirus outbreak continue to climb while the capital Kabul is under a loose lockdown. Many poor residents of the city cannot afford to stay at home. Some shops, health facilities, drugstores, and have reopened.    

With an estimated 36 million population Afghanistan remains vulnerable to Covid-19 outbreak. Growing poverty, poor medical infrastructure, population density in urban areas and widespread corruption pose a major challenge ahead of the fight against the pandemic outbreak in the country. Many urban population who depend on daily wages cannot stay at home. The result of covid-19 test often takes days to come as medical facilities are either underequipped or understaffed in Kabul, a city which is the hardest hit for time being, followed by Herat in the west of the country.