Some Afghan politicians prefer peace over election

Issuing a statement, a number of Afghan political figures, jihadi leaders, and representatives of civil society organizations say the due presidential polls, which is scheduled to take place on September 28, will push Afghanistan into crisis. These politicians say peace should be prioritized.

The Afghan politicians who had gathered at the residence of former President Hamid Karzai, underlined that a true peace can bring stability in the country.  

Not only the presidential election process is led and owned by Afghans but the political and security situation is not ripe to hold a transparent, nationwide, and fair election in Afghanistan, the statement, which was issued by the media office of Hamid Karzai, read.

According to the statement, the current security situation, government’s failure in having control over parts of the country, lack of public trust in organizers of the presidential vote, and public grave concern regarding wide manipulation of the elections have undermined the process.

“We must concentrate our attentions and gather our capabilities to ensure peace and end the bloodshed in the country,” the statement read.

The politicians also reiterate that they will launch a campaign to resume peace process, saying that peace is achievable if an inclusive delegation representing the Afghan people, and the Afghan government enter in direct talks with the Taliban movement.

They also called on the Taliban to have direct talks with national and inclusive delegation of Afghanistan.

The US-Taliban talks needed to be transparent and the Afghan people must be made aware of all the issues concerning their fate, the statement said.

These Afghan politician ask neighboring, regional, and international powers to cooperate with Afghanistan and work for an international consensus on Afghan peace.

The statement came while the Afghan government has stopped its peace efforts. The government has now prioritized presidential elections that is about to be held on September 28.