Only IEC is authorized to issue official election turnout figures, says UNAMA

Issuing a statement today, September 29, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has announced that only the Independent Election Commission is authorized to issue official election turnout figures.

“UNAMA reiterates the importance that all parties act responsibly in the period ahead,” part of the statement read. It noted that UNAMA has not and won’t speculate on turn-out numbers, adding that the mission awaits IEC announcement.

Amid high security threats, Afghanistan held its fourth presidential polls in a relatively secure environment. Based on initial reports, the turnout was very low while nine million Afghan had registered to vote in the polls.

Hours after the voting closed, the US embassy in Kabul congratulated the Afghan people. “We urge calm as election officials certify results and call on all parties to respect their commitment to the Code of Conduct and Afghan law,” the US embassy further said.

The IEC has announced that out of 4,942 polling centers across the country 2,597 polling centers were operational in Kabul. According to the commission, around 1,051, 998 people have voted in the polling centers operated in Kabul province.