Saudi king supports Kabul-led peace process

In a meeting with President Ghani held on Sunday, August 26, in Saudi Arabia, Saudi King Malik Salman Bin Abdulaziz assured Ghani that his country would support the peace process led by the Afghan government, Presidential Palace said in a statement.

Stressing on promoting bilateral relations between Kabul and Riadh, Saudi King noted that his country would cooperate with the Afghan government in counter terrorism.

He also expressed hope for achieving a sustainable peace and end of war in Afghanistan.

“I assign all Saudi Arabia’s entities to work jointly and practically with the Afghan government for developing cooperation and investments in Afghanistan,” Malik Salman was quoted as saying in the statement.

The King underlined that promoting bilateral relations and cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan would bring security, stability, and development in the region. He asked the two countries to work together.

Meanwhile, Ghani asked Saudi authorities to invest in Afghanistan.

Ghani left Kabul on Saturday, August 24, to pay an official visit to Saudi Arabia and meet country’s high ranking officials.