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Former Government Employee Found Hanged in Central Afghanistan Amidst Surge in Mysterious Killings

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Local sources in the central province of Daykundi report that Ali Jan Hassan Nizhad, the manager of the Taliban-controlled National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) in the province was found dead in his home.

Sources KabulNow spoke to today said that Mr. Hassan Nizhad’s neighbors discovered him hanged in the parking lot of his residence in Nili city, the capital of Daykundi, on Saturday, June 1.

According to the sources, Mr. Hassan Nizhad had worked in the NSIA department in the province for years before the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan.

The Taliban local authorities in the province said Mr. Nizhad had committed suicide. However, Najiba Hassan Nizhad, Mr. Hassan Nizhad’s daughter, refuted the claim in an interview with KabulNow, saying that her father had no reason to take his own life.

Ms. Nizhad said that her father was “mysteriously murdered” and called for accountability and investigation into his death.

She further explained that her father had planned to resign from his job due to security concerns, as he had been receiving suspicious phone calls from unknown individuals. She emphasized that her father had no enmity with anyone.

Meanwhile, local sources also noted that the Taliban had previously arrested and detained Mr. Hassan Nizhad on two occasions in the past years. In the latest incident, he was imprisoned for a month and was released after providing a guarantee.

The case of Mr. Nizhad’s death adds to a surge of mysterious killings and criminal activities across Afghanistan in the past years. The citizens of the country are concerned about their safety and security, which adds to the mounting challenges they face since the Taliban takeover of the country, despite their claim of maintaining security.

Moreover, the regime in power in Afghanistan has been widely accused of arresting, torturing, and killing former government employees. However, the group has always denied the accusations.

Human rights organizations have consistently criticized the Taliban for these actions, urging the regime to respect the rights and freedoms of all citizens, including former government employees.

Adding to the grim narrative, local sources in northern Faryab province reported the mysterious killing of a young man named Bahram on his way to Balkh province, along the Balkh-Jowzjan highway, on Friday.

According to sources, the young man, originally from Faryab province, was murdered after being shot multiple times.

The motive behind this incident remains unknown. The Taliban authorities have yet to comment on the matter.