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Woman stabbed to death by husband over family dispute in Baghlan

A woman was stabbed to death by her husband over a family dispute in northeastern Baghlan province.

Sources told KabulNow that the incident took place on Tuesday morning in Baghlan’s capital Pul Khumri when the accused stabbed his wife in the abdomen and neck.

The woman was admitted to hospital where she succumbed to her severe injuries.

The accused, sources said, also injured himself after severely wounding his wife and remains in hospital.

The couple had recently returned from Iran, sources added.

Taliban authorities in the province have not commented.

The Taliban’s string of repressive bans and gendered exclusion have significantly worsened the situation for women and girls in Afghanistan. According to the Human Rights Council, women are committing suicide at a rate of one or two every day amid domestic violence, poverty, unemployment, and extreme depression, among other challanges.