Photo: Social Media

Taliban fighter wants to forcefully marry 13-year-old girl in Faryab

Local sources have reported that a Taliban fighter wants to forcefully marry a 13-year-old girl in the northern Faryab province.

The Taliban fighter, according to local sources, is the nephew and personal bodyguard of Mullah Mohammad Isa, the district governor of Faryab’s Dawlat Abad district.

Sources have also accused the Taliban district governor of backing this forced marriage.

Videos circulating on social media since Saturday show residents of Tobkhana Qala village of Dawlat Abad protesting against the girl’s forced marriage while the girl is seen calling and demanding justice.

One source told KabulNow that the 13-year-old girl is engaged to another person who is currently in Iran and accused the Taliban fighter of threatening and intimidating the girl’s family.

The Taliban authorities have reportedly arrested both the girl’s father and the father of her fiancé who are currently kept in the group’s custody.

Shamsuddin Mohammadi, Taliban’s head of Information and Culture in Faryab, did not respond to KabulNow’s questions on this matter.

Last month, the Taliban’s governor of eastern Laghman province, Zainul Abidin, 60, married a 16-year-old girl after paying 2.5 million Afghani ($30,000) and 6 acres of land to her family.