Photo: UNSECO Afghanistan

UNESCO trains 500 women teachers from Afghanistan in Iran

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has announced its initiative to provide training and certification to approximately 500 female refugee teachers from Afghanistan residing in Iran.

In a report titled “Empowering Afghan Women Refugee Teachers in Iran,” UNESCO revealed on Tuesday that the first phase of the training was completed in 2022, with the second phase set to begin this year.

The report says that “The goal is to support Afghan women with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver quality learning for the displaced Afghan children living in Iran and to ensure that their education continues until they can return to formal schooling.”

The training is reportedly focusing on enhancing the teachers’ ability to provide psychosocial support to these out-of-school and crisis-affected children, assisting them in overcoming the challenges of displacement and adapting to a new environment.

“The quality education and support provided by these trained teachers will indirectly benefit approximately 9,000 primary school students in Iran.” Highlighted the organization.

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization underscored that the program was developed in collaboration with the government of Japan, UNICEF Iran, and Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, the University of Tehran, and the University of Kharazmi.

Looking ahead, UNESCO has said that the subsequent stages of the program are planned to prioritize critical areas such as mental health, social-emotional learning, psychological support, and overall well-being.

Following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, a significant number of individuals sought refuge in Iran by crossing the western border, fleeing from the risks of retribution, instability, and economic turmoil. UNHCR reports that in recent years, approximately 2.6 million Afghan refugees have moved to Iran.