Photo: Aleksandra Motsovaja via Twitter

“No love without my husband’s freedom”, says the wife of captive journalist Mortaza Behboudi

Aleksandra Mostovaja, the wife of a Afghanistan born French journalist, Mortaza Behboudi, who has been held captive by the Taliban since January 7, once again pleaded for his release.

Posting a photo of the couple on Twitter on Wednesday, Aleksandra Mostovaja wrote in Persian: “Five months have passed of my husband, Mortaza Behboudi. I have been living without his love, as there is no love without my husband’s freedom. And there will no freedom unless we fight for it.”

Mortaza Behboudi was detained by the Taliban three days after arriving in Kabul on a reporting assignment. The group has accused him of spying.

Despite international calls, the Taliban has refused to let him free.