Photo: UNAMA

UNAMA urges EU and Central Asian countries to strengthen joint efforts on Afghanistan

The UN Special Representative for Afghanistan and the head of UNAMA, Roza Otunbayeva urged the European Union and Central Asian Countries to strengthen their joint efforts on Afghanistan.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) wrote in a tweet on Sunday that Ms. Otunbayeva made this request during her meeting with the special representatives of the European Union and Central Asia for Afghanistan in Turkmenistan.

UNAMA has added that Roza Otunbayeva “briefed on UNAMA work, human and women’s rights, economic crisis, and the recent UN Secretary General-led Doha meeting.”

European Union (EU) and Central Asia special envoy for Afghanistan met in Turkmenistan Capital, Ashgabat, on Friday, where, according to their joint statement, they urged the Taliban to form an inclusive government and lift all bans on girls and women.

The participants of the meeting further called on the Taliban to prevent the territory of Afghanistan from being used as a safe haven for hosting, planning, training, financing, or exporting terrorism and violent extremism to other countries.