Photo: Taliban GMIC

Taliban introduces new bright turquoise colour scheme for taxis

The Taliban’s Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior has introduced a new colour scheme for taxis across Afghanistan, Hassebullah Mukhtar, general director of Taliban’s traffic police, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

All taxis across Afghanistan will have to change to bright turquoise with white doors will replace the colour in the capital and other provinces.

The Taliban claims that the previous colour scheme was “not standard” and therefore the new scheme will help with the “discipline” and “security” in the city.

It is not clear how taxi owners will react to this new scheme, but one report states that some taxi owners said they “lacked the resources to change the color of their cars.”

According to Mukhtar, “Taxis with new colour will be registered with a specific code and under the international convention” and taxi owners will have to go through “biometric registration” in a bid to decrease criminal offenses in the capital.

Mawlawi Mohammad Nabi Omari, the first deputy of the Taliban’s interior ministry said that the group is “prioritising the provision of standard public services” to the people.