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Taliban intelligence agents detain a civil servant, family pleads for his freedom

The Taliban has detained an employee of the group’s Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs and taken him to an unknown location.

An accountant at the ministry, the employee has been identified as Sayed Jawad Mushtaq, originally for the central Daikundi province was arrested near his office on Saturday.

A person who knows and wished to remain unnamed, told KabulNow that his supervisor at the ministry has confirmed his arrest by the Taliban’s intelligence agents.

His family, the person said, have been unable to gain any information about his whereabouts.

The Taliban has been widely accused by the UN and other organisations of arbitrary detentions, torture and executions of former members of Afghanistan’s security forces, government employees, journalists and civil society activists.

Sayed Jawad Mushtaq’s family say they are concerned about his safety and plead with the group to let him free immediately.

The Taliban has not commented.