Taliban cracks down women’s protest in Takhar province

The “Unity and Solidarity Wave of Takhar Women” protest in Taloqan, the capital of northern Takhar province, was forcefully suppressed by the Taliban.

Members of the Wave took to the streets on Thursday to voice their opposition to the Taliban’s ban on women’s education and work.

Chants of “food, work, freedom” and “education is our right” echoed through the protest as participants demanded the non-recognition of the Taliban.

Breshna Taloqani, coordinator of the Wave, told KabulNow that the protest began at the Bibi Maryam High School Road in Taloqan City, with the intention of marching towards the provincial governor’s office. She added that the Taliban blocked the march of the protesters, comprising women, university professors, school teachers, and students, and forcefully dispersed them.

This incident adds to a series of instances where the Taliban has suppressed women’s street protests, not only in Kabul but also in various provinces across Afghanistan.