NRF claims 25 Taliban killed and wounded in 10 hour battle in Khost district of Baghlan

Anti Taliban group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), says its forces have killed and wounded 25 Taliban soldiers.

Ali Maisam Nazary, the head of foreign relations for the NRF, said that clashes erupted between the two side after the Taliban forces surrounded the village of Jangalak in the Khost district of Baghlan province, on Saturday.

The fighting, the NRF said, lasted for 10 hours in which 9 Taliban fighters were killed and 16 were wounded. On the NRF side, a commander named as Ruhollah and three others were killed.

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Ali Maisam Nazary said that “The Taliban’s attack on Jangalak was a clear act of aggression and barbarity. They targeted innocent civilians and committed crimes against humanity. The NRF will not allow the Taliban to terrorize the people of Afghanistan. We will continue to fight for the freedom and sovereignty of our country.”

The NRF has said its forces are “in full alert” in Khost district.

Led by Ahmad Massoud, the NRF has been engaged in fighting the Taliban in Panjshir and adjacent provinces since the Taliban’s retaking of Afghanistan.