Iran’s “enemies” behind Nimruz border clashes, says top IRGC commander

Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the Iranian commander of the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force, has said that Iran’s “enemies” are responsible for the recent border clashes between Iranian border guards and Taliban fighters in the southwestern Nimruz border.

Hajizadeh shared this information with students of Iran University of Science and Technology on Monday, saying, “Iran’s enemies are behind the Nimruz border clashes, which our border guards managed to control. Our enemies seek to escalate the clashes and incite a conflict between Afghanistan and Iran, but we will not allow that to happen.”

The commander further explained, “Certain elements within the Afghanistan border have thoughtlessly attempted to provoke skirmishes, which could be detrimental. However, we have successfully defused the tensions, and it is no longer a cause for concern.”

Hajizadeh’s remarks come in response to the deadly gunfire exchange that occurred on Saturday along the border district of Kang in Nimruz.