US: Any discussion of recognising the Taliban is unacceptable to us

In response to criticisms of UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed’s comments about the possibility of discussing Taliban government recognition at an upcoming meeting about Afghanistan in a regional country, the US Department of State said that any discussion about recognizing the Taliban is unacceptable to the US

Briefing the press on Thursday, Vedanta Patel, the US State Department’s Deputy Spokesperson, said that the purpose of the upcoming meet was not to recognise the Taliban government.

“The purpose of this meeting was never to discuss recognition of the Taliban, and any discussion at this meeting about recognition would be unacceptable to us.” He said.

The UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammad, recently announced a plan to hold a meeting to discuss recognizing the Taliban. This statement faced widespread criticism from civil and political activists in Afghanistan who accused her of lobbying for the Taliban.

However, the spokesperson of the United Nations rejected these accusations and clarified that the UN will not advise on the recognition of the Taliban government. The spokesperson also stated that only UN member states could make the decision on whether to recognise the group.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, and since then, no country has recognized the group’s government as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.