Taliban detains former female police officer in Ghazni city

The Taliban in Ghazni province has detained a former female police officer.

According to a local source who didn’t want to be named, the former police officer, Mahtab Hamdard, served in the women’s prison section in Daikundi province.

Mahtab Hamdard was arrested in the Nawabad neighbourhood in Ghazni city two days ago for unknown reasons. And the Taliban has not specified any reason to her family.

According to the source, Mahtab Hamdard was has been unemployed since the fall the of previous government in August 2021 and had recently moved to Ghazni.

The Taliban has been widely accused of arbitrary arrest, torture and killing of people who worked for the previous government.

Aliah Azizi was a prison officer in the city of Herat who disappeared shortly after the Taliban arrived in the city. Her family says she is being held by the Taliban, but the group has refused to provide any information.

According to the Guardian, an estimated 4,000 female police officers were serving in Afghanistan before the Taliban’s return to power.