Missing former prison officer’s family are still hoping for her return

The brother of Aliah Azizi, the former prison officer in the western city of Herat, who has been missing since the return of the Taliban, says that her family still has no information about her fate.

Some have claimed that she was kidnapped and killed by the Taliban, but the group has denied involvement in her disappearance.

Mohammad Nazir Arefi, said that all efforts to clarify Mrs Azizi’s situation have been unsuccessful.

He told KabulNow that their mother is frail and heartbroken about her daughter’s disappearance and that Mrs. Azizi’s children are still awaiting her return and have been in a “bad emotional and mental” state.

Mr Arefi said that his sister is being held captive by the Taliban in Kabul. He pleaded with international human rights organisations to intervene and help get her sister freed.