Japan Announces $106.7 Million Assistance

Japan urges Taliban to end oppressive measures against women

In response to the Taliban’s recent ban on women working in UN offices, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Friday urging the group to reconsider its stance on women’s rights.

The statement stressed on the importance of UN agencies in providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, many of whom are in dire need due to the ongoing crisis in the country.

“In Afghanistan, which is in a serious humanitarian crisis, UN agencies play an important role in delivering assistance to the Afghan people. A series of measures taken by the Taliban over the past year may further endanger many Afghan people, who depend on the humanitarian assistance,” the statement said.

It further highlighted Japan’s commitment to work with the international community to address the issue of women’s rights in the country.

“Japan will continue to work with the international community to urge the Taliban to reverse its oppressive measures, including restrictions on the rights of women and girls, while continuing our own efforts to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan,” the statement added.

The Taliban’s restrictive measures on women’s rights have been met with widespread global criticism, and the Japanese government has added its voice to the growing chorus of concern.