NRF leader warns the world against engagement with Taliban
Photo: @NRFafg

Ahmad Masoud calls for unity among all anti-Taliban groups

Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front (NRF), called for coordination and unity among all the armed groups fighting the Taliban in a statement issued on Tuesday, after six members of the Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) were killed in battles against the Taliban.

Massoud emphasized the need for an integrated and mobilized effort against the Taliban, stating that the establishment of a unified umbrella for all the anti-Taliban forces was crucial. He added that the Taliban could only be defeated with the combined strength of all the groups opposing it.

The Taliban’s Defense Ministry claimed on Tuesday that it had killed Akmal Ameer and Basir Andarabi along with six of their fellow fighters in Parwan province.

The AFF, however, disputed the Taliban’s claim in a statement on Tuesday, confirming the deaths of its six fighters including its senior commander, Basir Andarabi, but it did not confirm the death of Akmal Ameer, saying his fate remained unknown.

Additionally, the AFF claimed that over 30 Taliban fighters have been killed over the past three days in the southern Salang highlands of Parwan province.