Traffic accidents in Balkh claim 57 lives

Traffic accidents have killed at least 57 people over the past 11 months in Balkh

According to the Taliban’s traffic police in Balkh, in the past 11 months, 57 people have died and 107 others have been injured in traffic accidents in the northern Balkh province.

Abdul Rahman Rahimi, the head of the Taliban’s traffic department in Balkh, has said that during the period, a total of 75 traffic accidents have been recorded on the highway and in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh, indicating a 30% increase in traffic accidents.

Reckless driving and excessive speed, poorly constructed roads, and the use of right-hand drive vehicles as the primary factors contributing to the rise in traffic accidents in the province, he said.

However, some in the province complain that the Taliban forces are driving recklessly and without having a driving license, which has caused the increase in traffic accidents.

The Taliban’s General Directorate of Traffic Police has reported that, over the past 10 months, traffic accidents have taken the lives of at least 900 people across Afghanistan.