Taliban publicly flog 2 girls and 4 boys in Parwan province

Sources in Jabalussaraj district of northern Parwan province have confirmed to KabulNow that the Taliban publicly flogged four boys and two girls at a football stadium late on Monday.

They were charged with running away and gambling.

After recapturing Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban conducted its first public flogging in the eastern province of Logar in November 2021.

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Since then, the group has been continuing to carry out this punishment across the country, with public lashings being witnessed by local officials, elders, and residents, often in sports grounds.

In most cases, attendants or spectators are ordered not to take photos or film the lashing scene.

The Taliban’s public floggings have ignited global outrage and reactions from the international community, with the UN describing it as “corporal punishment” and asking the Taliban to halt it. The group, however, has fired back and asked the international community to not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.