Police officers detained in Kabul
Photo: Social media

Taliban detain two former police officers in Kabul

Taliban security agents in Kabul have detained a father and son who served as police officers in the previous government.

Sources told KabulNow that Shah Aqa Noori and Wais Noori, native of Panjshir, had returned to civilian after the Taliban’s return to power.

The reasons behind their detention is unknown. And the Taliban has not commented.

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Despite the general amnesty announced by the Taliban leader soon after the group’s return to power in August 2021, former Afghan security forces – especially those hailing from Panjshir province, where the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front (NRF) was formed – have been frequently arrested, tortured, and even killed by the Taliban forces.

On 20 February, the Taliban detained Mohammad Islam, a former army soldier and native of Panjshir in Kabul.

A source told KabulNow that the Taliban were beating him hard during the arrest, and the neighbours watched from their rooftops as he was taken away.