Shortage of staff at Takhar Provincial Hospital

Shortage of medical staff has left Takhar Provincial Hospital struggling

The Takhar Provincial Hospital in Taloqan, the capital of the northeastern province of Takhar, is facing a shortage of medical staff, particularly female doctors. Hospital authorities report that the facility is now overcrowded with patients and operating beyond its capacity.

Speaking to KabulNow, Hayatullah Imami, head of the Hospital, said that it has a total of 22 staffs, including service and administrative employees, which was primarily considered for providing care services to 35 patients. “But we are now providing [medical] care services for 115 patients,” he added.

Imami said that it was critical to increase the number of the Hospital’s medical staff, adding that a proposal has been already made to increase its personnel.

“The 144-personnel Tashkil (manning document) for the hospital will be approved in near future,” the Hospital’s head said, noting that it was now operating beyond its capacity as the provincial hospital was unable to respond to the people’s demands.

Abdul Raqib, 65, who had been referred to the Hospital for medical treatment also confirmed the shortage of medical doctors and medicines at the hospital. He called on the Taliban health officials to increase the staff members of the hospital and provide medicines for the patients.

The Taliban’s ban on prohibiting women from education, including in medical science, further exacerbates the problem and the prospect for having enough medical personnel to respond to the public’s needs in the future.