US Envoy calls on Hollywood to tell Afghan women’s stories

Meeting members of the US entertainment industry in Los Angeles last week, the US Special Envoy for Women in Afghanistan, Rina Amiri, called on them not to forget the plight of women and girls in Afghanistan.

Rina Amiri said that women in Afghanistan should receive the same level of support and exposure as women in Iran and Ukraine.

Speaking to TheWrap after her meeting, Amiri said, “I have so much respect for the women of Iran and their struggle for freedom,” adding that “I just want the same support and exposure for the women of Afghanistan.”

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According to TheWrap, Amiri has been seeking partners in Hollywood to support women in Afghanistan, stating that ‘We must not forget these brave and resilient women who had their rights and status come crashing down when the Taliban took over

The Taliban, according to Amiri, has issued 80 decrees to restrict women and girls’ rights in Afghanistan since its return to power in August 2021, calling on the US entertainment industry to help women in Afghanistan with “documentaries and storytelling.”

Amiri mentioned she had seen a banner in Los Angeles with a message “I support the Women of Iran.” but she noted that she had not seen any banners in the US supporting women in Afghanistan.