Taliban arrest women rights activist in Kabul
Women's rights activist, Nargis Sadat, was arrested in Kabul on 11 February. Photo: Social Media

Taliban arrest a women rights activist, Nargis Sadat, in Kabul

The Taliban arrested Nargis Sadat, a women’s rights activist and a member of Afghanistan’s Powerful Women Movement, in the Pul-e-Surkh neighbourhood of Kabul on Saturday. A source close to her family confirmed.

Nargis Sadat’s arrest coincided with the arrest of Parisa Mubariz, an activist in the northereastern province of Takhar, and her brother. The Taliban released Mubariz on Sunday amid condemnations from the UN, EU, and HRW.

Ms Mubariz told KabulNow after her release that she had been tortured by Taliban intelligence agents after refusing to reveal her mobile phone’s password.

In response to the Taliban’s growing restrictions on women’s rights, Afghan women and girls have organized both indoor and outdoor protest rallies. Despite international pressure, the Taliban have become increasingly violent in suppressing these rights protests and have imposed more restrictions.