Taliban restrictions on women not sharia

Rina Amiri: Taliban’s restrictions on women not based on the Sharia

The US Special Envoy for Afghan women, Rina Amiri, has said that the Taliban’s restrictions of women and girls are not neither based the Sharia law and nor the Afghan culture.

“The Taliban’s relentless measures against women and girls’ education has been repudiated by the world, including the OIC & Muslim-majority countries, as well as Afghans themselves. These actions are not about religion and culture – they stifle Afghanistan’s greatest potential,” tweeted the Afghanistan born American diplomat on Wednesday.

The UN Deputy Chief, Amina Mohammed, who a led a delegation of senior UN officials to Afghanistan recently, applauded Afghan women, tweeting on Wednesday that “Afghan women have skills and the mindset to contribute to the economy, which has benefits to the whole of society. Now it’s time to make space for them.”