Five Afghan men with more than 3kg swallowed drugs detained in Iran

Five Afghan citizens have been detained in Iran after Iranian border security discovered they had swallowed 290 packets of heroin and crystal meth before entering Iran through the border town of Tabyad, state-run Irna news agency reported on Sunday.

Baratullah Sultani, an Iranian border official, border agents became suspicious of the men and body searches showed they had swallowed a 3.3kg of heroin and crystal meth.

Iran is one of the main drug-traffcing routes out of Afghanistan to Europe and the Middle East.

In April 2022, the Taliban announced a ban on poppy cultivation in April 2022.

But according to a recent United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report, opium growth was up nearly a third last year, and with the Taliban’s control of the supply in the market, prices soared.