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Universities Closed in Cold Climate Provinces

The Taliban Ministry of Higher Education announced that public and private universities in cold-climate provinces would be closed until March 6, 2023.

In winter, due to the lack of facilities, face-to-face or physical classes cannot be conducted and online mode of teaching would reduce the quality of the education system, Ahmad Taqi, the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education spokesperson said.

Public and private universities will be closed from Thursday, December 1 and the semesters would resume on March 6, 2023, Ahmad Taqi added.

According to Ahmad Taqi, the universities in hot climate areas would still go ahead.

The new students who have not registered as of yet, have time up to December 21 to finish their registration.

Upon the return of the Taliban back to power, the universities were closed for a while but the Taliban finally reopened the universities early this year after issuing a set of regulations and guidelines.

The guidelines included the separation of male and female students and their classrooms. The Taliban ordered female students to wear hijab, a burqa or a long black dress with a mask or veil.

Since their return to power, the group imposed extensive restrictions on female students.

The schools for female students above sixth grade are still closed and many countries and international organisations called on the de facto authorities of Afghanistan to reopen schools for girls.

However, there is a concern that the Taliban will close universities for girls as well.