Women in Kabul

Women in Kabul Urge UN to Help Reopening of Girls’ Schools

A group of women rallied in front of a school in Kabul urging the United Nations to help in reopening girls’ schools in Afghanistan. The rally was held in the Macroryan neighborhood of Kabul on Saturday, October 29.

These women while being accompanied by some school girls tried to enter Alfath High School in the area. They were not, however, allowed to enter this school, they told Kabul Now.

In front of the school building, they asked for the reopening of girls’ schools above the 6th grade and chanted the slogan “learning without fear”.

In the tapes that were sent to Kabul Now, one of these women says that she is the mother of four daughters and the fate of her daughters is unknown. “My daughter is struggling with mental disorders”, says another woman.

A third protester said in the audio message that Afghan girls want “learning without fear”.

The international community should pay attention to the reopening of girls’ schools in Afghanistan, added one of the women.

It has been more than 400 days that girls above the 6th grade in Afghanistan have been deprived of going to school. Despite the pressure from the international community, the Taliban have not backed down from their decision of banning education for girls.