Taliban's attack in Daykundi

UNAMA to Investigate Taliban’s Deadly Attack in Daykundi

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has said that it is working to “establish facts” on the deadly Taliban attack in Sewak-e-Shibar village of Daykundi province. It has already engaged the Taliban on the need for “credible investigation” and accountability.

“Very serious reports of civilian casualties, with extrajudicial killings, at least 8 fatalities, including children,” the UN mission office said in a tweet on Thursday, December 01.

Early on Thursday morning, November 24, the Taliban stormed Sewak-e-Shibar village in Nili, the capital center of Daykundi, and attacked a house. The group’s fighters, according to reliable sources, have killed nine civilians, including four children.

The Taliban spokespersons and the Ministry of Interior have also confirmed that nine people were killed during their operation against “rebels” in the village.

Local sources, however, confirmed to Kabul Now that the Taliban forces with the support of their local allies attacked houses belonging to Hashim Khan and the sons of Mohammad Dawood Jafari.

They massacred members of the two families, these sources added.

Moreover, local sources said that the Taliban accused these two families of being members of the National Resistance Front (NRF) and had asked them to hand over their weapons.

The NRF is an anti-Taliban militia operating mostly in the northern provinces of Afghanistan.

These sources said that members of the two families carried weapons due to hostilities with another family over a land dispute. They added that the victims’ families did not have any problem with the Taliban, nor they had a relationship with the NRF.