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Traffic Accidents in Ghor and Bamyan Leave Four Dead and Three Injured

Taliban officials in Bamyan province report that a traffic accident in the center of this province, left three people, including a child, dead and three others injured. At the same time, sources in Ghor province report to Kabul Now that a traffic accident claimed one life in this province.

Saboor Saighani, the spokesman of the Taliban governor’s office in Bamyan, told Kabul Now that a car collided with a cargo vehicle in the Kotal-e-Shahidan area of ​​the center of Bamyan before dawn yesterday, December 16.

Saighani confirmed the death of three others in this incident as well. The injured were taken to Bamyan provincial hospital for treatment and their health status is reported as satisfactory, Saighani added.

Saighani did not detail the cause of this incident but said the Taliban officials arrested the driver and kept him in custody.

Health sources in Bamyan provincial hospital also confirmed that the traffic incident left three dead, including a child in the Kotel-e-Shahidan area in Bimiyan.

Meanwhile, local sources in Ghor province say that a traffic accident in this province claimed one life in the Oshan area of Shahrak district of this province.

A source told Kabul Now that the incident happened on, Thursday, December 15 when a motorcyclist ran over the old man. This source identified the victim as Mohammad Hashim, an original resident of Herat province.

Afghanistan has seen an unprecedented hike in deadly traffic accidents in recent months. Poorly constructed roads, speedy and reckless driving and overloading vehicles are said to be the main reasons behind these deadly traffic accidents in the country.