Taliban Senior Official: Qisas Punishment Must be Carried Out in Any Way Possible

Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Taliban Deputy Prime Minister, responded to the worldwide reactions over the public execution under Qisas punishment – retaliation in kind – that was carried out by the Taliban in the western Farah province. He said, according to Sharia law, Qisas punishment must be carried out “in any way possible”. He made this statement on his visit to the northern Faryab province.

For the first time after returning to power, the Taliban carried out this public execution in the western Farah province on Wednesday, December 07.

This public execution has drawn worldwide reactions. The United Nations, Amnesty International, the United States, the UK, and France have all condemned this public execution.

Hanafi stressed that the Taliban government follows the Sharia and Qisas punishment is allowed in the Sharia law.

Meanwhile, critics show that the proceedings in the Taliban judicial institutions are not fair and the rights of the accused are not respected at all.

During his visit to Faryab, the Taliban Deputy Prime Minister vowed Faryab residents to address their problems and needs. He mentioned that the government would work on the shortage of water, the construction of Almar and Deh-na-dara dams, and the roads of Kohistan and Garziwan districts.