Taliban arrest Panjshir residents
Photo: Getty Images

Taliban Arrest Six Panjshir Residents over Cooperation with NRF

Sources confirmed to Kabul Now that the Taliban arrested six residents of Panjshir on Sunday, December 04, on charges of cooperation with the National Resistance Front (NRF). Five young men were arrested in Kabul, while a shopkeeper was arrested in the Dara district of Panjshir.

The arrested men are, however, ordinary people and do not have any connection with the NRF, according to the sources aware of the arrestees.

In the capital Kabul, the five men were arrested in the limits of the 11th and 17th districts and taken to Directorate 40 of the Taliban’s intelligence agency.

Reliable sources identified the arrested men as Sher Ahmad, son of Mir Agha, Dastgir, son of Mohammad Khan, Mahtabuddin, son of Mohammad Amin, Abdul Ghayyur, son of Qalandar, and Abdul Rab, son of Bacha Jan.

These young men are original residents of the Dara districts of the northeastern Panjshir province, according to these sources.

Meanwhile, a source in Panjshir confirmed that the Taliban had turned the houses of those who were previously arrested into military bases.

The Taliban have arrested 30 residents of Panjshir’s Dara district, including a woman, over the last two months on charges of cooperation with the NRF.

Moreover, a local source said that the Taliban arrested a shopkeeper named Gulzarkhan on the same charges from his shop in the Dara district on the same day.

The source, however, rejected the shopkeeper’s connection with the NRF.

During the last spring and summer seasons, the Taliban and NRF fought deadly battles in the Dara district, which left heavy casualties on the two sides.