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Clash Between Taliban and NRF Leaves 5 Dead in Panjshir

Local sources report to Kabul Now that an armed clash that erupted between the Taliban and National Resistance Force (NRF) left at least four Taliban forces and one NRF member dead in the Paryan district of the northeastern Panjshir province. At least six other Taliban members are reportedly injured as a result of the clash.

The incident took place in the morning on Thursday, December 15 when NRF members were transferring some food and other appliances to their base in the Kohsar area, the sources added.

According to the sources, the Taliban noticed these NRF members and then chased them. They [Taliban] encountered an ambush by other NRF members along the Sorkh-Shal valley. That is when the clash erupted between the two sides.

The sources added that the Taliban have transferred their wounded to Dasht-e-Riwat clinic. Some of the wounded are reported to be in critical condition. According to the sources, the Taliban transferred them to the center of the province for treatment.

The sources further added that the conflict has ended and both sides have returned to their bases.

Neither the Taliban nor NRF commented anything about the clash and the number of causalities as of yet.

Local sources in Panjshir province also report that the Taliban have a heavy and wider military presence in most of the villages of this province and this presence has made life difficult for the local residents.

Panjshir province has been the center of heavy clashes between the Taliban and the National Resistance Front (NRF) forces for more than a year.

While the snow season is approaching, the clashes between the Taliban and the NRF forces have decreased in this province.