Young Man Tortured to Death

Young Man Dies Under Taliban Torture in Takhar

A young man has died under the Taliban torture on charges of cooperation with “the National Resistance Front (NRF)” in the northeastern Takhar province, local sources confirmed.

Confirming the deadly interrogation to Kabul Now, a source identified the victim as Abdul Matin from Rustaq district of Takhar. The Taliban had arrested the young man 13 days earlier from his home and informed his family on Monday, November 07, the source detailed.

According to the source, his family got the young man’s dead body from the provincial hospital of Takhar. There are clear signs of torture and electric shock visible on his body.

The victim’s elder brother rejected Abdul Matin’s cooperation with the NRF, adding that he had returned from Iran recently.

Local Taliban authorities have not commented regarding this incident so far.

The Taliban have been often accused of torturing civilians to death, especially residents of Takhar province. The group which is currently ruling across Afghanistan has always rejected these accusations.