Women Handicraft Show

Women Handicraft Show Opens in Herat

A women’s handicraft exhibition opened today in Herat province, where women display and market their handicrafts and products. The exhibition is sponsored by a Kabul-based non-profit organization, WADAN.

The women have displayed more than 500 of their products, including but not limited to tailoring products, embroidery, paintings, miniatures, and hand-made carpets at the exhibition.

Hassan Khan Ahmadzai, a project manager at WADAN, says that the exhibition is aimed at introducing women’s capacities and marketing their handicraft products.

According to the women attending the exhibition, such programs boost their businesses and have a positive impact.

“Our business is going well for now. There was anarchy and the situation was not good after the collapse of the [previous] regime. We are very happy today for displaying our products at this exhibition,” said Rubaba Sarwari, who attended the exhibition. She has a business producing hand-made bags.

Rubaba called on the other people to use Afghanistan’s local handicrafts.

Zainab is another businesswoman who is active in the textile industry and has displayed her own products at the exhibition. She calls for more support for women, stressing the need for more NGOs and organizations to step in to support women’s businesses.

“I worked for five years at my home space. My business, sales, and marketing have improved ever since I came to this office,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s directorate for work and social affair in Herat claims that they support any program which encourages and supports businesswomen.

Hafiz Mirza Mohammad Abu Mansoor, the Taliban’s director of labor and social affairs in Herat, detailed that a total of 2,500 people are currently enrolled for vocational training in cooperation with national and international NGOs. 60 percent of them are women, he added.