Taliban in Faryab Impose More Restrictions

Morality police in Faryab, in northern Afghanistan, continue to impose more restrictions, in particular, on women. This time, the Taliban officials banned women from going to the parks, and gyms. A notice displayed on the gates of the Maimana municipality building states that women cannot go to the restaurant without having a mahram (male guardian).

In case of disobeying the rules, the people will have to face the consequences, the Taliban warned the residents.

The Taliban in Faryab announced that the order is made by the Taliban Ministry of Vice and Virtue, hence, it should be respected by all the residents. The Taliban have imposed similar restrictions in Kabul and many other provinces in the country.

Since the Taliban’s return to power, the group has imposed severe restrictions on women and girls.Amnesty International on Friday, November 11, reacted to newly imposed restrictions and called on the international community not to ignore the plight of women under Taliban rule in Afghanistan.