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Pakistan Will Provide Training for Afghan Medical Specialists

Mohammad Sadiq Khan, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, has said that his country will provide postgraduate training for Afghan doctors and medical specialists. He announced this cooperation after signing notes and meeting the Taliban’s health minister in Islamabad.

He met a Taliban delegation led by the group’s Minister of Public Health, Dr. Qalandar Ibad, on Saturday, November 19, in Islamabad.

According to Pakistan’s envoy, the country will extend its support for the “smooth operations” of three modern hospitals that Pakistan has built in Afghanistan.

The country built Mohammad Ali Jenah Hospital in Kabul, Nishtar Kidney Center in Nangarhar, and Amanullah Logari Hospital in Logar during the reign of the previous government.

Pakistan has agreed to “support the private sector to run these hospitals under public-private partnerships” in the long term, he said in a tweet thread on Saturday after the meeting.

“Also signed & exchanged notes regarding postgraduate training of doctors, to be nominated by Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan, by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Pakistan will start with the training of 20 specialists and increase the number in future courses,” part of his tweet read.

According to Sadiq Khan, Khyber Medical University Peshawar will establish medical college campuses in Afghanistan to help it achieve self-sufficiency in health care services.