Gunman kills five members of a family in mosque

Gunman Kills Five Members of a Family Inside Mosque in Kabul

A gunman has shot dead five members of a single family and wounded one other in a mass shooting today, November 23, inside a mosque in the 9th district of Kabul city, Taliban police confirmed.

The incident took place early this morning in Khwaja Rawash neighborhood of the capital Kabul.

Khalid Zadran, spokesman for the Taliban police in Kabul, confirmed to Kabul Now that the assailant was one person who opened fire with a handgun. Our primary investigations suggest that “personal hostility” is a motive behind the incident, he added.

The Taliban police official stated that their efforts are underway to arrest the attacker.

Local sources, however, said that the attack left three people dead and several others wounded, adding that the attack was carried out during the morning prayers at the mosque.

A few days earlier, gunmen killed the imam of a mosque and a worshiper after they left a mosque in Karte Naw neighborhood of the capital Kabul.