UN special envoy

UN Special Envoy: Girls Must Be Allowed To Continue Education Beyond Sixth Grade

UN Special Envoy Roza Otunbayeva has emphasized that girls must be allowed to continue their education beyond sixth grade.

“UN Special Envoy Otunbayeva met in Kapisa province with local de facto authorities, ulemas & community elders, and visited a girls’ school, where discussions were held with the education community, including female teachers. Girls must be allowed to continue their education beyond 6th grade”, UNAMA tweeted today Thursday, October 27.

The UN Special Envoy has said that aid support is vital, but there is a great need to develop and create job opportunities for all, primarily young people. She said, “Afghans should not feel that they are abandoned”.

At the same time, Richard Bennett, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Afghanistan says that Afghans, especially women and girls, feel ‘abandoned’.

He has recently said in a press conference that there has been a major setback in the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan, and he described it as “probably unprecedented in history.” The main violation of the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan is that they are deprived of rights to education and work. Until now, the Taliban have not reopened schools for girls above the sixth grade and the Taliban have stopped women from working in government offices.