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Taliban’s Court Sentences Five To Months-Long Jail, Flogging

A Taliban primary court has sentenced five people to months-long jail and flogging on charges of adultery and robbery in the southern Kandahar province, according to the group’s local officials.

The Taliban’s security forces had arrested one of them on charges of adultery and four others on charges of robbery, said a Taliban local official.

A Taliban official in Kandahar told Kabul Now, asking not to be named, that these people have been sentenced to 6-7 months in prison and 30-39 lashes.

According to the group’s officials, the Taliban had previously sentenced people to flogging and jail on the same charges as well.

Kandahar, as per the account of its residents, has witnessed increased armed robberies in recent months. They call on the Taliban’s de-facto rulers to ensure the security of the people’s lives and properties.