Taliban tighten grip on Ghazni city as three districts fall

Taliban tighten grip on Ghazni city as three districts fall

The Taliban militants have taken control of three districts in the southern Ghazni province and intensify attacks on the provincial capital, local sources said.

Talking to Kabul Now, Fatima Rahimi, a member of Ghazni Provincial Council, confirmed fall of Moqur and Waghaz districts since yesterday, June 27.

She said around 50 members of the People Uprising Force – a pro-government militia – have surrendered to the Taliban in Moqur district.

The air force has transferred around 140 army and police forces from the district’s center to Ghazni city after they had retreated to a neighboring mountain in the district.

Mrs. Rahimi also confirmed the Taliban took over Waghaz district today, June 28, around 01:00 AM.

Another government source in the province confirmed the Taliban militant also took control of Khwaja Omari district. The source added the militants launched attacks on the district’s center late last night, killing five security forces and wounding three others.

The Taliban have planted landmines along the road connecting the district to Ghazni provincial capital, the source added.

The local source also said the militants have intensified their attacks on Ghazni city. The source expressed concern that the Taliban would overrun Ghazni city, if the government forces do not reclaim the districts and hesitate to suppress the militants.

Waghaz district is located 14 kilometers to the southwest of Ghazni city and Khwaja Omari is situated 16 kilometers to its north.

Ghazni is a volatile province where the Taliban has overrun its seven districts.

The Taliban claimed they have overrun Khoshamand district of Paktika, a neighboring province to Ghazni. The local officials, however, rejected it.