MoD: Kaldar district cleared of the Taliban

Afghan forces cleared Kaldar district in the northern Balkh province from the presence of the militants, according to the Ministry of Defense (MoD). The ministry added the people have played a key role in contributing to the recapture of the district.

The Afghan defense and security forces inflicted a heavy casualties on the Taliban militants in Kaldar district, said Fawad Aman, deputy spokesperson for the MoD in a tweet, today, June 29.

He added that clearance operations are also underway in other districts of Balkh.

This is the second district retaken from the Taliban within past 24 hours. Afghan defense and security forces recaptured Pashtunkot district of the northern Faryab province last night, June 28, according to the MoD.

The Taliban, however, has not made any claim regarding it.

Afghan forces flee to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

The Taliban militants have forced a large number of Afghan soldiers to cross the border or made attempts to flee into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in recent days, the eurasianet reported quoting Tajik media and Uzbek officials.

In latest case, an armed group of the Taliban attacked a border checkpoint in Kaldar district and forced 17 Afghan troops to flee Tajik soil on June 27.

Meanwhile, Farhad Azimi, governor of Balkh province, rejected these reports. Appearing in a press conference, he said that no Afghan soldier has fled to Tajikistan.

He added some Afghan forces who had retreated from Hairatan port have returned to their bases.