local security official

Local security official order Afghan forces to kill Taliban, take no prisoners

Following the Taliban militants overrun two districts in the northern Samangan province, head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) for the province, Sayed Amir Shah Sadat, has ordered defense and security forces to take no prisoners from the militant group. “No one should bring us any Taliban alive.”

The local security official made these remarks on Wednesday, June 23, while addressing a large number of locals mobilized to fight against the Taliban in Aybak, capital city of Samangan, said Abdul Munir Rahimi, spokesperson for Samangan police.

“This is an official directive for this land’s soldier, mujahid, uprising force, NDS operatives, police soldiers, and army forces to not bring us any Taliban alive,” Sadat was quoted as saying. He added the Afghan government does not need “guests” in its prisons anymore.

He has also instructed the people uprising forces and government forces to kill the Taliban, take their weapons and motorcycles in return to keep the country’s independence for its history.

This comes amid a growing rise in Taliban attacks mostly in northern Afghanistan where the militants have overrun dozens of districts over past days. The militants took control of Dara-e-Sof Payeen and Dara-e-Sof Balla districts Samangan over past five days.

Since May 01, beginning of the foreign troops withdrawal, a total of 68 districts have fallen to the Taliban in different parts of the country. Though most of the districts have collapsed without resistance by security forces but some were very deadly for the government forces.

Outraged by the rapid collapse of the districts, locals have taken up arms in different provinces, including in Samangan, in order to help Afghan forces repel the militants’ attacks.