Government forces withdraw from Farah’s Anardara and Posht Kuh districts

Security and defense forces withdrawn from Anardara and Posht Kuh districts, local officials in Farah confirmed.

Masoud Bakhtwar, Farah governor, told Kabul Now today, June 19, due to high level of threats, the security forces evacuated the districts.

The withdrawal of security and defense forces from the two districts was due to vulnerability of government forces against the militants and the prevention of civilian casualties, he added.

Farah governor stressed that security threats in the province have increased “due to Pakistan’s support for the Taliban,” saying the troops are currently focusing on strengthening Farah’s security belt.

He did not comment on casualties of the defense and security forces during recent clashes in Anardara and Posht Kuh districts.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the incident

Located in western part of the country, Farah is an insecure province, where the Taliban control swathes of territory including Lash wa Juwayn district.