Eight people sank in Panj Darya of Badakhshan

Eight people including women and children sank in Panj Darya and four others were wounded after their riding vehicle got out of control drowning in a river, local officials in Badakhshan said.

Nik Mohammad Nazari, the spokesperson for Badakhshan governor, said the incident took place around 8:30 AM, June 02, in Reg Rawan area of Maymi district.

The bodies have not been taken out of the river yet, he added.

Drivers’ recklessness coupled with a poor road infrastructure are the main cause behind most traffic accidents especially in mountainous provinces of Afghanistan.

This is while on May 31, eight people including women and children lost their lives and nine others were wounded after the Surf-type vehicle lost its control and went off the road in Taqsab village of Arghanj Khwa district.