Afghan forces reclaim five districts

Afghan forces reclaim five districts, Taliban overrun four more

Afghan defense and security forces have regained control over five districts which had previously fallen to the Taliban in Baghlan and Paktia since Thursday, June 24. The group however has captured four more districts in Parwan, Ghazni, and Ghor provinces.

In latest military operations to retake the lost territories, as the Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirmed, the government forces, with the help of local militias, have recaptured a total of six districts in Baghlan, Paktia, and Faryab provinces.

Spokesperson for the MoD, Fawad Aman, told Kabul Now the Taliban militants suffered heavy casualties in these operations but he did not provide a specific figure.

He claimed that Afghan forces have also seized a large amount of weapons and munitions during the operation.

The operations were launched while being supported by the locals who have recently been armed and mobilized to fight the Taliban’s advancements.

The districts reclaimed from the militants, according to the MoD official and a local official in Baghlan, are namely Kelagi, Dushi, and Tala wa Barfak districts of Baghlan; Khan Char Bagh and Andkhoy districts of Faryab; Sayed Karam and Ahmadabad districts in Paktia province.

He confirmed the recapture of these districts on Friday, June 25.

Sayed Ashraf Sadat, police chief of Baghlan, told Kabul Now today that Tala wa Barfak district has been also recaptured from the Taliban.

Abdul Manan Qate, a member of Faryab Provincial Council, however confirmed today to Kabul Now that Khan Char Bagh and Andkhoy districts of Farayab have again fallen to the Taliban.

The MoD had confirmed last Thursday, June 24, the recapture of Sayed Karam and Ahmadabad districts in the eastern Paktia province. But Jalaluddin Yaftali, commander of the 203 Tandar Military Corps, claimed that they have retaken Sayed Karam and Mirzaka districts.

Taliban overrun four more districts

On the other hand, local officials confirmed to Kabul Now the Taliban militants have overrun four more districts in Parwan, Ghazni, and Ghor provinces.

The Taliban took control of Shinwari and Syagird (Ghurband) districts after defense and security forces left the districts’ centers today, Fazluddin Ayyar, Parwan governor confirmed to Kabul Now.

He further claimed the militants suffered casualties in clashes against security forces but did provide and exact number.

The militant group has also captured Qarabagh district of the southern Ghazni province, MP Aref Rahmani said in a tweet on Friday, June 25. He added the district fell after it remained 70 days under siege by the militants.

The MP claimed the government forces retreated from the district’s center but the local residents resisted against the Taliban and suffered casualties.

In the western Ghor province, Dawlina district has fallen to the Taliban after government forces retreated to Feroz Koh, capital city of the province, said MP Keramuddin Rezazadah.

Meanwhile, The Taliban claimed they have overrun Garziwan, Balcheragh, Qaramqul, and Qarghan districts in Faryab, Chaharchinu in Urozgan, Azra in Logar, Guzargah Nour and Khost in Baghlan provinces.

Government officials have not yet commented on fall of these districts.

The Taliban have taken control over 68 districts across the country since May 01, beginning of foreign troops withdrawal.